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New Partnership with Samsung Medical Center

AvoMD and Samsung agree to collaborate to create personalized clinical software that integrates into the electronic health record for interactive and evidence-based on-demand care.


Samsung Medical Center (“SMC”), a leading academic medical center in Seoul, Republic of Korea, and AvoMD, an app-driven reference for personalized medical guidelines, are collaborating to provide internal medicine physicians with clinical decision support and medical education at the point of care.

The two parties are collaborating to integrate AvoMD's interactive software into SMC's electronic health record. The partnership will initially target interpretation of arterial blood gas and acute kidney injury lab results. AvoMD's software supports physicians beyond simple interpretations/calculators, offering potential differential diagnoses and guideline-supported assessments and management strategies.

“We are keen to partner with AvoMD on its innovative medical guidelines platform and to contribute our medical know-how and research to this collaboration. Embedding links to AvoMD’s personalized guidelines within our electronic health record system provides an interactive experience that improves patient outcomes, eases the decision-making process for physicians, and enhances learning. This partnership creates synergies for both sides,” said Professor Wonchul Cha, Vice CMIO at SMC and Lead Principal Investigator of SMC for this initiative. Professor Cha is also an emergency physician and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at SMC.

“SMC is on the cutting edge of digital health and medical innovation,” said Dr. Joongheum Park, Chairman and Head of Product at AvoMD. “This partnership and the AvoMD platform enable SMC clinicians to instantly access highly contextualized medical knowledge and learning at the point of care, when such content is needed most acutely. We are excited to partner with SMC in developing and delivering this technology and research.”

About SMC When SMC opened in 1994, it changed the paradigm of healthcare by focusing on patient-centered care and a focus on customer satisfaction. SMC remains dedicated to improving health and enhancing the quality of life through the provision of state-of-the-art patient care, clinical research and education.

During the past 20 years, SMC has won first place in the National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI) 14 times, first place in the Korean Customer Satisfaction Index (KCSI) 16 times, first place in the Korean Standard – Service Quality Index (KS-SQI) 12 times consecutively, and has been selected as the top medical center in the hospital sector in Brand Star 12 times consecutively.

SMC is the leading research-oriented hospital in Korea equipped with appropriate facilities and personnel, with the training, knowledge and experience necessary to conduct pre-clinical and clinical research. SMC plans to achieve medical innovation in the future to promote the happiness of patients and will develop into a global hub of biohealth care study and link the industry by connecting to hospitals, R&D Centers, schools, and enterprises. At the same time, SMC will create the image of a new future hospital as a public medical institution that leads social contribution. For more information on SMC, please visit SMC's website.

About AvoMD AvoMD offers physicians interactive and personalized medical guidelines and educational resources at the point of care. AvoMD actively partners with medical institutions and physicians to deliver contextualized and digestible clinical decision support to clinicians, improving physician workflow and education. AvoMD’s content is organized and developed by a growing community of physicians and maintained by our Scientific Advisory Board, which consists of specialist clinicians and scientists. Two of AvoMD’s founders are practicing Internal Medicine physicians: Dr. Joongheum Park and Dr. Yair Saperstein. For more information or to get involved, visit

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