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Point-of-Care App

A more effective and accurate way for clinicians to use and access info at the bedside

Desktop Computer running the Point-of-Care App of AvoMD
Mobile Phone running the Point-of-Care App of AvoMD

The Point-of-Care App delivers complex clinical guidance as “virtual clinical consults,” made available instantly and easily in the EHR or on standalone web and mobile applications.

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Desktop Computer

Step-by-step, interactive pathways at your fingertips

The AvoMD interface has been shown to save clinicians up to 55% of their time while improving diagnostic accuracy by 20% at the point of care.

Reduce burnout with documentation automation

Clinicians can save even more time by using AvoMD’s note generation feature which automatically captures and summarizes medical decision-making into a customizable assessment plan.

Desktop Computer
Desktop Computer

Embed lab interpretations and risk calculators directly in your pathways

AvoMD goes beyond a static flowsheet. Enhance your pathways with lab interpretations and risk calculators to provide even more utility to your clinicians. 

Leverage trusted generative AI features rooted in evidence or internal protocols

Clinicians trust AvoMD because our algorithms are rooted in guidelines and thoroughly reviewed by clinicians. Gain efficiencies around note and clinical plan generation, and more! 

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A doctor speaks to his patient while using AvoMD on his tablet
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