avoMD is a platform that provides on-demand decision support for clinicians, at the point-of-care.

avoMD offers a better way for clinicians to use and learn evidence-based protocols and enables provider organizations to easily deploy standardized care pathways.


clinical guidelines

and pathways


The case for avoMD

JAMA estimate of annual waste attributable to clinician inefficiencies and low-value medication use, screening, testing, and procedures


73 days

The rate at which medical information is estimated to double this year

100+ page PDFs

How clinical guidelines are currently made for providers

Effective tools, designed for clinicians

Use at the point of care.

The PoC App provides clinical information - guidelines, pathways, triaging elements - to providers in highly contextualized and usable formats. This is the next-gen replacement for static, inaccessible, and unwieldy guidelines and flowcharts.

Customize and build.

The avoBuilder allows for content on the PoC App to be customized for institution-specific content (i.e., formularies) and workflows. The avoMD team supports the content creation process along every step of the way.

Seamlessly integrate.

avoMD can plug in to providers’ existing workflows and can integrate with a variety of EHR vendors.

Utilization data helps tie actions to outcomes and reduces care variability. avoMD helps healthcare organizations identify gaps in care delivery.


Share and exchange.

The avoMD platform enables the buying and selling of institutional content and pathways, offering new revenue opportunities for healthcare organizations.

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Solutions for every institution's need

Why clinicians choose avoMD

The avoMD app changes the way we take care of patients. It guides providers through the treatment plan and allows our physicians and faculty to contribute content, which will enhance our academic productivity.”

Moro Salifu, MD, MPH, MBA, MACP, Professor and Chair, Department of Medicine at SUNY Downstate and Director of the Brooklyn Health Disparities Center

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