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Reimagining Clinical Decision Support

AvoMD is a platform that translates clinical evidence – guidelines, pathways, and more – into the workflow at the point of care, available in the EHR or as a standalone web/mobile application.

How it Works

AvoMD instantly digitizes and optimizes the latest clinical evidence for point-of-care usage and adoption

Clinical Evidence

Clinical Documents
  • Provider pathways

  • Society-based guidelines

  • AI models

  • Lab interpretations and more


Laptop running AvoMD

Seamless content transformation via no-code content management system. No IT resources needed

Point-of-Care App

Laptop and Mobile phone running AvoMD

Actionable decision support that integrates into the EHR or works standalone

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For Provider Organizations

AvoMD’s tools facilitate increased utilization of clinical pathways and other critical information needed in real-time. Available with or without EHR integration.

For Life Sciences

A compliant solution for your HCPs to integrate pathways into the workflow.   

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For Medical Societies

Drive real-world impact by making your guidelines available at the point of care.

AvoMD provides ROI across crucial quality, workflow, and financial dimensions


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Improves ED delays and patient flow while reducing inappropriate admissions



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~$700K in annual cost savings for

one pathway



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43-55% of time saved at the point of care



Provider Experience Icon

93-100% of users advocate for expanded AvoMD usage



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Monetize your content by sharing with others

(1) Based on chest pain/NSTEMI pathway implemented over a 4-month period in 2021-2022; (2) Based on time saved in the ED with cost assumptions sourced from customer and 2020 Texas A&M study on ICU/Floor daily costs; (3) Based on a non-blinded, simulated randomized control trial independently conducted by Samsung Medical Center. Users demonstrated a 20% increase in clinical accuracy while saving ~50% of their time in ABG interpretation relative to UpToDate and MDCalc; (4) Based on 3 recent implementations and post-survey responses.

Gabrielle Hester, MD, Children’s Minnesota headshot

Gabrielle Hester, MD, Children’s Minnesota,

“AvoMD brings effortless access to best practices, optimizing efficiency and promoting consistent care delivery..The app elevates patient care exactly where it’s needed: at the bedside”

Medical Director of Quality Improvement

Why Clinicians Choose AvoMD

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