Discover the platform that allows you to create, edit, and distribute custom clinical content for your department, hospital, and beyond.


Your next-gen content management system for clinical decision support

The avoBuilder is a powerful platform that empowers provider organizations to digitize their clinical content on the Point of Care App (web and mobile).

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Why Institutions Choose avoMD

Customize content easily using our drag and drop tool
Distribute content updates across your provider base with the push of a button
Standardize clinical practices and workflows across your institution
Supports guidelines, workflows, triaging, algorithms, calculators, and other forms of decision support
Monetize your digital content to others using the avoMD platform

The avoMD team, at your option, can use the avoBuilder to build and customize next-gen clinical content, tailored exactly to your local needs. 

Key Features

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Drag-and-drop content management tool requiring no coding experience or IT support


Capability to collaborate and build with teams


Smart, tailored push notifications when clinical content is updated

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