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Harbor Health Partners with AvoMD to Deploy Evidence-backed, AI Tools into Value-Based Care Workflows

Austin, TX, March 14th, 2024Harbor Health, a primary and specialty clinic group whose mission is to put the consumer at the center of their own health, today announced it is partnering with AvoMD, a clinician support platform that brings current medical evidence into the clinical workflow. Harbor Health is using the AvoMD platform to deploy custom, AI-powered point-of-care tools to standardize and support value-based care workflows. This partnership highlights Harbor Health’s dedication to delivering the highest standard of care to its patients while supporting its clinicians with tools to reduce burnout.

Harbor Health is leveraging AvoMD’s Builder platform to integrate guidelines from AvoMD’s content partners at the American Heart Association (AHA), American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO), and others into their clinicians’ workflows with the Athena electronic health record. “AvoMD is an important partner in our efforts to create clinician tools for use at the point of care, and to make our clinical guidance available to our care teams,” said Luci Leykum, M.D., Chief Clinical Officer at Harbor Health. AvoMD will help Harbor Health elevate patient treatment and care across a variety of conditions and specialties. Initial areas of focus include screening and prevention strategies, hypertension, women’s health, obesity, and various dermatological conditions.

AvoMD drives clinician adoption of key initiatives across quality, cost reduction, and reimbursement by turning lengthy pages of medical guidelines and protocols into streamlined and easily accessible clinical tools. AvoMD’s Point-of-Care App, available inside or outside of the EHR, surfaces organization-specific guidelines in an actionable format and automatically populates patient information to assist with decision-making, documentation, ordering, Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) coding, and more. In addition to leveraging their own content, organizations can use pre-built templates from medical societies such as the AHA, GOLD, KDIGO, AACE, and academic medical systems like Mass General Brigham, to equip their clinicians with actionable, best-in-class guidance from leading medical experts and professional organizations. Randomized control trials and implementations have shown that AvoMD provides clinicians significant efficiency gains at the point-of-care, while improving patient outcomes and reducing costs.

"AvoMD is thrilled to team up with Harbor Health in its goal to deliver exceptional patient care under value-based care arrangements," expressed AvoMD Cofounder and Chairman, Joongheum Park, M.D. "Combining Harbor Health’s expertise with the AvoMD platform will empower clinicians to make swift, well-informed decisions based on the latest medical evidence and aligned to value-based care standards. Harbor Health is at the cutting edge of innovation in care delivery, and we are excited to be on this journey together. "

About Harbor Health:

Harbor Health was created by people who have spent decades trying to make health better, including those who provide health to those who figure out how to pay for it. Harbor Health's mission is to make the entire health system work better for consumers so that everyone can achieve optimal health. For more information, visit

About AvoMD:

AvoMD’s clinician support platform empowers healthcare organizations to standardize care by effortlessly incorporating guidelines and protocols into the clinical workflow. By centralizing the latest information and transforming it into actionable tools in the EHR (or outside of it), AvoMD simplifies everyday tasks like documentation, ordering, and decision-making for clinicians. At AvoMD, we improve quality of care with love, not alerts. For more information about AvoMD's clinician support platform, reach out to


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