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AvoMD transforms and optimizes the latest clinical evidence for point-of-care usage and adoption

AvoMD's AvoBuilder Screen

Create, update, and share your institutional pathways with ease. No IT resources needed.

AvoMD's Point-of-Care App

Easily create, update, and share your pathways with your organization without needing your IT team to get involved.

Key Offerings

AvoMD’s modular content and tech platform enhances quality & standardization efforts


Content Icon

Build your own guidelines
and pathways, or leverage
best-in-class from others.

EHR Integration

EHR Integration Icon

Use with or without
EHR integration, on web and
mobile applications.


Analytics Icon

Uncover insights into how
providers use content and
identify clinical gaps.


Marketplace Icon

Monetize your content
externally or keep in-house.

AvoMD running on desktop and mobile device for Universal Availablity

Universal availability at the bedside

Access instant, expert guidance when and where in the clinical workflow it is needed - mobile, web, or from your EHR.

Pathway creation made easy

Leverage AvoMD’s team of informaticians and clinicians for pathway building. Without an integration, you can implement AvoMD instantly.

AvoMD running on desktop for Pathway Creation
AvoMD running on desktop and mobile device for Auto Documentation

Auto-documentation gives time back to your clinicians

Create and customize automated notes in your pathways, saving clinicians significant time and reducing EHR-related burnout.

Monetize your pathways

Share and sell your pathways to other clinicians and health systems.

AvoMD running on desktop displaying marketplace

Dr. Gabrielle Hester

Medical Director of Quality Improvement at Children's Minnesota

Listen to Dr. Hester talking about how Children's Minnesota implemented AvoMD 

Ready to Work with Us?

A female physician speaks to her patient with the assistance of AvoMD
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