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AvoMD for Life Sciences

Life Sciences and Medical Device companies partner with AvoMD to raise provider awareness of available treatments in the EHR.

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Clinician Support Platform

AvoMD’s clinician support platform effortlessly transforms medical evidence into simple, actionable tools available at the point-of-care, empowering clinicians to consistently adopt the latest guidelines and protocols. 

AvoMD is available in the EHR and assists with:

  • Evidence-based decision making

  • Auto-documentation

  • Ordering

  • Calculators

  • HCC coding and more! 

Marketing & HCP Education 

AvoMD will work with market access, commercial, medical affairs, and marketing teams to educate providers on how to use AvoMD's Point-of-Care App.


We support Life Sciences partners with:

  • Educational Value Demonstrations

  • Event Support

  • Medical Scientific Liaison Support 

  • Newsletter Stories

  • Expert-led Collaborative Sessions

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Point-of-Care Data

AvoMD will deliver monthly insights and comprehensive reports with data from HCPs that have adopted the tool, including trends across: 

  • Clinician level of training 

  • Clinician specialty

  • Organization name

  • Geography 

  • Usage 

  • Clinical decisions impacted 

Improve Awareness

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Drive point-of-care awareness of your innovations.

Streamline Orders

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Equip health systems with the tools to easily build and use pathways relevant to your products.

Open the Door to HCPs

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Arm your field reps with the tools to engage and educate, in-person and virtually.

Point-of-Care Intelligence

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Glean real-time insights from point-of-care analytics to improve commercial and medical affairs motions.

Benefits of Working with AvoMD

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"AvoMD is greatly appreciated by my IDNs as a means for HCPs to implement guideline directed therapy for treatment decisions at the point of care. The no-code feature allows clinicians to operationalize protocols and for pharma to view aggregated user data in a compliant way to support the patient journey."

Karen Twomey

Director, Regional Payers and Health Systems, New York at AstraZeneca


"AvoMD is unique as it offers decision support across all therapeutic areas and is easy for health systems to integrate. The no-code builder makes it incredibly easy to customize pathways for our accounts. Our commercial teams are seeing robust interest from HCPs in engaging with and implementing AvoMD."

Executive Director

Commercial Innovation at Major Pharmaceutical Company

How it Works

AvoMD creates Algos with subject matter expert (SME), offers them for free to providers, and teams with commercial & market access teams to embed into key accounts. Data is then shared back to life sciences partners.

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Algo Created with SME


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Algo Published
on AvoMD


We work with subject matter expert (SME) to digitize guidelines into decision support “Algos.”

Algos offered for free and in the EHR, and can be easily customized for provider orgs (also for free).

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Work with
Market Access


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Data Shared
with You


We work with your commercial & market access teams to embed relevant Algos into key accounts.

Usage data is shared to understand effectiveness and glean insights at the point of care.

Ready to Work with Us?

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