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With Support from AstraZeneca, AvoMD Releases KDIGO Guidelines at the Point-of-Care

AvoMD, a next-generation, application-based clinical decision platform, today announced that the Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO) Blood Pressure in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Guidelines are now available free of charge on AvoMD’s web tool and mobile app. With support from AstraZeneca, the KDIGO module is accessible in the Electronic Health Record, making the guidelines readily available to healthcare providers. The AvoMD-powered KDIGO module supports and strengthens the ability of nephrologists and primary care providers to provide critical CKD services in various care settings. The tool empowers all clinicians, and especially primary care providers, to easily deliver evidence-based CKD care, tailored to individual patient needs. Provider organizations will have the ability to use AvoMD’s no-code content management tool to customize the module for local clinical pathway usage.

CKD affects more than 1 in 7 US adults; the growing prevalence of the disease has created a public health crisis and significantly contributed to the rise in overall healthcare spending in the US and globally.[1] With delayed or episodic access to specialty care and know-how, kidney disease often gets worse over time and may lead to kidney failure and other chronic health conditions.

AvoMD co-founder and CEO, Dr. Yair Saperstein commented: “In making the KDIGO guidelines easily accessible, we are equipping frontline clinicians around the globe with the tools and information they need to operate at the top of their licenses and deliver the best care possible for patients with CKD.”

The public distribution of this guideline has been made possible by AstraZeneca. KDIGO guidelines are implemented following a rigorous scientific process; AstraZeneca did not participate in creating, reviewing, or publishing the KDIGO guidelines.

Providers can access the software at these links: [mobile app] [web access] [EHR access]

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KDIGO is a global foundation developing and implementing evidence-based clinical practice guidelines in kidney disease. It is an independent, volunteer-led, self-managed foundation incorporated in Belgium and accountable to the public and the patients it serves.

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AvoMD is a no-code software platform that transforms clinical content – guidelines, algorithms, pathways, and checklists - into "virtual clinical consults" available instantly at the point-of-care on standalone web/mobile apps and in the EHR. Leading societies and health systems partner with AvoMD to transform authoritative clinical expertise into instant expert guidance at the bedside. Studies show that AvoMD improves outcomes, saves costs, and saves clinicians 50% of their time in accessing and using information at the point-of-care.

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