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AvoMD Announces Enhanced HIPAA Security on OpenAI and Azure Platforms

AvoMD users can safely and compliantly paste patient information into AvoMD's free tools.

NEW YORK, NY - February 29th, 2024 – AvoMD, a clinician support platform that brings medical evidence into the workflow to save clinicians time, today announced it has achieved enhanced HIPAA security by signing a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with OpenAI, in addition to its existing agreement with Microsoft Azure.

By signing a BAA with OpenAI, AvoMD will utilize the company's innovative GPT-4 Turbo model within its platform, adhering strictly to a zero retention policy that ensures no patient data is stored or used beyond the current instance. This groundbreaking step elevates AvoMD’s commitment to HIPAA compliance across its services, allowing enterprise customers to choose between OpenAI and Microsoft Azure.

In addition to AvoMD's enterprise offering, which includes integrating AvoMD into the EHR, clinicians can also use AvoMD's free tools for clinical pathways, documentation assistance, and calculators on AvoMD’s browser-based tool and mobile app. With this new OpenAI agreement in place, AvoMD free users can safely and compliantly paste patient information into AvoMD's free tools. For example, clinicians can use one of AvoMD's most popular tools for inpatient settings, History and Physical Examination (H&P) Builder, to quickly produce a note based on the patient's history in the format they prefer. 

AvoMD Co-Founder and Head of Product and Engineering, Dr. Joongheum Park expressed his enthusiasm stating, "Data privacy and security are crucial to AvoMD and toi our customers. This agreement with OpenAI furthers our commitment to equip clinicians with cutting-edge tools that are both convenient and HIPAA compliant. OpenAI's GPT-4 will enable us to produce more efficient and more accurate tools to solve difficult problems for clinicians and reduce burnout."

For more information on how to access AvoMD in the EHR, contact

About AvoMD

AvoMD’s clinician support platform empowers healthcare organizations to standardize care by effortlessly incorporating guidelines and protocols into the clinical workflow. By centralizing the latest information and transforming it into actionable tools in the EHR (or outside of it), AvoMD simplifies everyday tasks like documentation, ordering, and decision-making for clinicians. At AvoMD, we improve quality of care with love, not alerts. For more information about AvoMD's clinician support platform, reach out to


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