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AvoMD Partners with American Association of Clinical Endocrinology (AACE) to Integrate Guidelines

Interactive Obesity and Postmenopausal Osteoporosis Tool Available for Free in the EHR and AvoMD App

New York, NY - AvoMD, a software platform that brings clinical evidence into the workflow to help clinicians streamline decisions and save time, has announced a strategic partnership with the American Association of Clinical Endocrinology (AACE). This collaboration aims to integrate AACE's comprehensive guidelines into the AvoMD platform, providing endocrinologists, primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants/physician associates, and dietitians with seamless access to the latest evidence-based endocrinology recommendations at the point-of-care.

Guidelines for obesity and postmenopausal osteoporosis now available with more to come

AvoMD is now live with the 2016 Comprehensive Clinical Practice Guidelines For Medical Care of Patients with Obesity, including the most up-to-date information on semaglutide, as well as 2020 Postmenopausal Osteoporosis Treatment Guidelines. Subsequently, AvoMD users can expect to see additional AACE guidelines available within the AvoMD web-app or in their EHR, including those pertaining to Diabetes, Fatty Liver Disease, and more. AvoMD will continue to update these guidelines with AACE as they are available. By incorporating these guidelines into AvoMD's intuitive user interface, clinicians can quickly access key AACE information in a digitized format, enabling them to deliver high-quality care to their patients while saving them time.

Sethu Reddy, MD, MBA, MACE, President of AACE said, “We are immensely proud of the high quality of clinical practice guidelines being developed by our clinician experts and our talented AACE staff, but we were always searching for pathways to implement the guidelines into one’s clinical practice. This new partnership of AACE with AvoMD creates the potential of converting our guidelines into pragmatic advice to truly elevate the practice of clinical endocrinology and improve global health. We are optimistic the AvoMD platform will help AACE positively impact our patients’ lives.”

Improving quality of care without the clinical burden

The collaboration between AvoMD and AACE underscores the critical importance of providing clinicians with accessible, evidence-based information to effectively manage complex endocrine conditions without compromising their most precious resource – their time. AvoMD Co-Founder and Head of Product and Engineering, Joongheum Park, M.D., is thrilled about the partnership saying, "By integrating AACE's guidelines into the AvoMD platform, we aim to empower endocrinologists, primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants/ physician associates, and dietitians with a comprehensive tool that not only saves time at the point-of-care but also aids in delivering superior clinical outcomes. AvoMD's user-friendly interface, coupled with AACE's trusted guidelines, will undoubtedly improve the way clinicians approach complex endocrinological cases."

Importantly, AvoMD has been proven to drive both time savings and improvements in patient outcomes. AvoMD’s randomized control trials have shown 43-55% time savings for clinicians at the point-of-care, 20% improvement in diagnostic accuracy, and 36% improvement in admission delays to the ED. Clinicians love using AvoMD, with nearly 100% of recent users advocating for expanded AvoMD access at their health system.

Those who are interested in integrating AACE guidelines via AvoMD into their EHR should contact .


AvoMD is a software platform that transforms clinical evidence - guidelines, pathways, and algorithms - into the workflow, available in the EHR or as a standalone web/mobile application. AvoMD automates the ordering and documentation processes in addition to providing clinical guidelines in real-time, point-of-care optimized formats. Randomized control trials and implementations demonstrate that AvoMD saves clinicians over 50% of their time in clinical decision-making at the bedside while improving outcomes and reducing costs. Email

About AACE:

Established in 1991, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinology is a global, inclusive community of over 28,000+ endocrine-focused clinical members, and stakeholders from every walk of professional life. As the vital hub of knowledge and experience in clinical endocrinology, AACE works to define the best paths of patient care and disease prevention, educate multi-disciplinary care teams and their patients, and set the factual record straight about endocrine diseases. Together, the AACE community is elevating the practice of clinical endocrinology to benefit each individual patient and the health of our society. Visit our website at

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