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AI Clinical Pathways Hackathon

NEW YORK, NY -- AvoMD is hosting the "AvoMD AI Clinical Pathways Hackathon" a virtual build-at-your-own-pace hackathon from October 10 - 17th. Participants will use AvoBuilder, the tool for clinicians to create ChatGPT-enabled pathways and tools, to create the best workflows for outpatient primary care and the inpatient discharge process. Algos created will automatically function as both a standalone and integrated with the EHR (currently supporting Epic and Athena).

Sponsors and supporters of the event include MedMountain Ventures, Elementa Labs and Mount Sinai Innovation Partners, AlleyCorp, Healthtech investors, Tau Ventures, WebMD, and AvoMD.

To learn more or sign up for the hackathon, visit

About AvoMD

AvoMD is a software platform that translates clinical evidence – guidelines, pathways, and algorithms – into the workflow at the point of care, available in the EHR or as a standalone web/mobile application. AvoMD automates the ordering and documentation processes in addition to providing clinical guidelines in real-time, point-of-care optimized formats. Randomized control trials and implementations demonstrate that AvoMD saves clinicians over 50 percent of their time in clinical decision-making at the bedside while improving outcomes and reducing costs.

Use the free version of AvoMD on the web.

Learn more at, or email

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