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Preoperative Evaluation

by AvoMD

Preoperative assessment at your fingertips

Optimized for surgery?

AvoMD: Preoperative Eval provides quick, interactive, and educational guidance to help clinicians evaluate and prepare adult patients for noncardiac surgery. Developed in conjunction with Dr. Steven Cohn, a leading expert in Perioperative Medicine, and based on the 2014 ACC/AHA Perioperative Guidelines.

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iPhone running the AvoMD app
Graphic Shape
iPhone running the AvoMD app

Your preoperative virtual assistant

Key highlights: 

  • Incorporates co-morbidities, patient medications, and interactive medical calculators (like RCRI, MICA, ACS-SRC, DASI)

  • Links to evidence-based references and best practices

  • Detailed explanations and recommendations

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