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Why Now is the Time to Sync the Healthcare Industry with Technology

The pandemic forced the healthcare industry to rethink dated patient care processes, and emphasized the need for technology collaboration. As the rest of the world shifted to digital forms of work, healthcare providers and hospital systems quickly found that old, dated forms of communication were not the most effective approaches.

The industry now knows that collaboration and technology is one of the greatest opportunities to address inefficiencies and improve the sector. How can hospitals and healthcare systems synch technology with the needs of the industry?

  • Streamline care team channels: Having one, cloud-based system or electronic medical record (EMR) allows a patient’s care team to communicate effectively and keep everyone on the same page. This strategy not only streamlines communication but automates workflows, which in turn helps the patient’s team coordinate care more effectively.

  • Improve patient engagement: The pandemic changed the way physicians and other clinical staff engages with patients. When the patient has full transparency into the care team’s communications, this allows for a heightened patient experience. Patients—and even the patient's family members—should be able to leverage text, video and other channels to pay a bill, schedule labs and more.

  • Scalable system integrations: The most efficient systems are ones that are scalable across the entire hospital or healthcare system. The right EMR systems is cloud-based and allows for access that’s available anywhere. These systems should maximize efficiencies and improve workflow for the patient’s care team and at the point-of-care.

Keeping the patient and their experience top-of-mind is key when integrating technology, especially when at the point-of-care. A lack of collaboration is one of the largest contributors to surging costs for hospitals. When health systems prioritize technology and collaboration, they will not only rein in operating expenses but also improve patient communication and overall experience.


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