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Why Health Systems and Technology Must Come Together to Strengthen the Industry

The past year has intensified the need to strengthen the healthcare industry. What is working in the industry? What could be improved? How can the industry streamline efficiencies to provide better care for patients and their families?

The “new normal” is upon us, and the industry must respond in order to brace for its impact and proactively plan for its future. If there’s one thing this year has taught us, it’s that in order to stay a step ahead, healthcare systems and hospitals must work together with healthcare technology to create a stronger healthcare system.

A recent article by Modern Healthcare identified seven benefits to long term partnerships between the technology industry and health systems. To achieve this mutually beneficial partnership, the two industries must identify common goals including shared accountability, ongoing predictability, performance improvement and purposeful innovation.

The seven benefits to long-term partnerships include:

  1. Meeting the organization’s evolving technology needs and to accelerate adoption.

  2. Ensuring a coordinated approach to identifying the need for and implementing training across the enterprise.

  3. Prioritizing integration and adoption to ensure alignment with the overall program delivery and defined objectives.

  4. Planning for service communications and escalations.

  5. Innovative financial models, such as unitary payment models, service models, and consulting and clinical services funding pools, that are not tied to a single business or solution. In some instances, risk sharing is included.

  6. Long-term planning for data analytics to guide decision-making

  7. Clinical and innovation working groups to identify and prioritize opportunities for innovation across the enterprise, driving a shift away from “business as usual” activities toward innovation to solve novel problems with new solutions

The pressure is on for healthcare systems and hospitals to innovate, bridge digital gaps and create value for patients.

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