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The Significance of Clinical Decision Support in 2021

Since the pandemic, there is undoubtedly a long list of priorities for the healthcare industry. At the top of the list is the merge of technology and the healthcare industry. How must healthcare systems and hospitals leverage technology to improve clinical workflows and patient care? Clinical Support Decision (CSD) tools are one critical piece of technology for the industry to keep its eye on this year.

What is Clinical Decision Support (CDS)?

Clinical Decision Support tools (CDS) are created to assist physicians and other health professionals in combing through large amounts of data to enhance the decision-making process at the point of care. Through these tools, app users can receive reminders to provide preventive care, next step suggestions for patient treatments, help with diagnoses, and alerts regarding possible errors or potential issues.

Why is now the time to invest in CDS tools?

Health providers have come to realize that there is too much patient related data and research that exists to process on their own. They need external resources to assist in this decision-making process. By leveraging a tool that implements new and more efficient clinical workflows, doctors will reap the benefits of having more time to work with their teams to ensure the most impactful in-person and virtual care experiences for patients. Implementing CDS tools not only saves on time and resources, but can also increase provider and patient satisfaction, cost-benefits and most importantly, patient safety.

What’s Your Next Step?

Recognize a need for your team to implement CDS tools in your workflow? Check out to explore opportunities for on-demand decision support for clinicians to use and learn evidence-based protocol, while enabling provider organizations to easily deploy standardized care pathways.



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