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Recap: The Future of Health Technology Requires Upskilling and Education

The pandemic forced nearly every industry to rethink the way it conducts business. Mostly, organizations had to think fast and think digitally. The healthcare industry was no exception. Telehealth and other technologies entered the limelight. While some clinicians were able to adapt, others struggled—and continue to.

This topic was discussed during a digital panel at HIMSS21 consisting of Mountasser Kadrie, director of the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Shenita Freeman, senior director of analytics and informatics at Centurion, and Scott Cullen, managing director and chief innovation officer at Accenture.

Healthcare IT News identified key takeaways from the panel, including:

  1. Healthcare providers need strong digital literacy skills to remain competitive.

  2. Academic institutions training the next generation must incorporate digital competencies into the curriculum.

  3. There will be an increased focus on upskilling workers in healthcare industries, mainly by utilizing tactics that have worked in other industries.

  4. Analytics is king. Organizations and who understand it will get ahead.

  5. Technology in healthcare needs to be implemented across the organization, not just in the IT department.

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