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Introducing AvoMD's newest interns!

We are excited to welcome three new interns to our team.

Julia Zhao

Julia is a second-year undergraduate at Columbia University studying Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science. Her interest in the intersection of healthcare and business brought her to an internship at Roche and consulting work for two biotech startups. She is also a published researcher with experiences at Harvard Medical School and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. She aspires to become a physician-scientist or biotech entrepreneur, but also enjoys dance, traveling, and exploring the food scene in NYC.

Soraya Kamouna:

Soraya is a second-year undergraduate student at Columbia University double-majoring in Financial Economics and Film. Having founded two of her own businesses, the first a sustainable stationary company in high school and the second a virtual STEM summer camp after her freshman year, Soraya takes every opportunity to get involved in entrepreneurship. She is also currently working with the fintech start-up Alinea Invest, which is the first socially conscious and women-focused trading app. She is excited to get more involved in initiatives and programs that empower women in the entrepreneurship space, in the hopes of becoming an entrepreneur herself one day.

Neo Chen

Neo graduated from Brooklyn College in Spring 2020 with a BS degree in Computer Science. He strongly believes data is the heart of modern world and loves to manipulate data flows in the software. He is most interested in Full Stack development. In his free time, he loves to skate around New York, especially in East Village.


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