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AvoMD Takes 1st Place in the Columbia Venture Competition

AvoMD is excited to announce it won the Technology Challenge in the 2020 Columbia Venture Competition, sponsored by Columbia Engineering. Please see below for a snippet of the announcement. The full press release can be found here.

In the Technology Challenge, AvoMD and EVQLV each took first place and $20,000 in funding. AvoMD, led by cofounders Joongheum Park, Yair Saperstein, and Laurence Coman, is a digital point-of-care personal assistant made for doctors by doctors. EVQLV is an artificial intelligence company focused on accelerating biologic therapies. The company was founded by Andrew Satz and Bret Averso, who aimed to leverage AI to computationally design innovative antibody candidates that can be quickly synthesized and validated. Dialetica, developing wearables for managing advanced-stage kidney failure, placed in third, winning $10,000 in funding.

AvoMD would like to especially thank Ivy Schultz and Columbia Engineering for organizing and sponsoring the event.


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