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AvoMD Raises $5M to Combat Clinician Burnout With No-Code Clinical App Building Platform

AI-enabled platform lets clinicians and hospitals build their own applications that work for any specialty, in any care setting, for every clinician type

NEW YORK — June 23, 2023 — AvoMD, a no-code platform enabling clinicians and hospitals to easily make their own apps for use at the point-of-care, announced it has closed $5 million in seed funding led by venture fund AlleyCorp. AlleyCorp is joined by Las Olas, Epsilon Health, MedMountain Ventures, notable physician angel investors such as Dr. Kavita Patel, Venture Partner at New Enterprise Associates and Senior Policy Advisor at Stanford University, and existing investors Mirae and Dunamu. Other investors in the company include Columbia University, Mount Sinai Innovation Partners, StartUp Health, and 500 Startups.

AvoMD is an AI-enabled, no-code application builder that lets clinicians and hospitals build their own applications that work for any specialty, in any care setting, for every clinician type, including use cases like interactive clinical guidelines (i.e. sepsis, COVID), medical calculators, billing support, documentation automation, and more. The company has already developed standardized integrations with the largest electronic health record systems in the US, allowing organizations to efficiently deploy the solution. AvoMD also supports AI model integration, which enables doctors to incorporate clinical predictions based on AI at the point of care.

Founded by a team of physicians based in New York City, AvoMD was born in response to first-hand experience of clinical burnout and the difficulty in getting innovative clinical applications developed and deployed. AvoMD revolutionizes how clinical technology is created and used, saving clinicians over 50 percent of their time in decision-making and improving patient outcomes.

“For too long, clinical technology has mostly overwhelmed us or not fit in our workflow, exacerbating burnout. We’re here to change that. AvoMD is a copilot for clinicians, working alongside them and empowering them to provide the highest quality of care,” said Joongheum Park, MD, AvoMD’s Chairman and Head of Product/Engineering. "We are thrilled to have a partner like AlleyCorp to support this vision and the next chapter of growth at AvoMD.”

Working as an attending physician in internal medicine, Dr. Park was overwhelmed by the volume of knowledge required to deliver quality care, and found existing tools like 100+ page PDFs and EHR best practice alerts to be grossly inadequate. A self-taught software developer, Park began writing his own software in order to create user experiences that made sense in the clinical workflow.

When those early apps gained some traction among clinicians, Dr. Park recruited Dr. Yair Saperstein, a physician-technologist who, having led hundreds of providers through COVID as Chief Resident in Brooklyn, had also felt the pain of delivering quality care on the front-lines without adequate tools. The two brought Laurence Coman, the son of two physicians with prior software investing experience, to complete the founding team.

"We’re partnering with AvoMD because they are a team of clinicians who understand the unique issues doctors face, and how the right technology can solve them," said Brenton Fargnoli, MD, Managing Partner of AlleyCorp Healthcare. "As clinicians ourselves, we acutely understand the challenges of integrating clinical evidence into the workflow, and the subsequent effects on burnout and patient outcomes. Having seen how quickly the AvoMD product is being adopted by other clinicians across a variety of settings, we are particularly excited to support this next phase of growth."

About AvoMD

AvoMD is a software platform that translates clinical evidence – guidelines, pathways, and algorithms – into the workflow at the point of care, available in the EHR or as a standalone web/mobile application. AvoMD automates the ordering and documentation processes in addition to providing clinical guidelines in real-time, point-of-care optimized formats. Randomized control trials and implementations demonstrate that AvoMD saves clinicians over 50 percent of their time in clinical decision-making at the bedside while improving outcomes and reducing costs.

Use the free version of AvoMD on the web.

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