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AvoMD Introduces New Healthcare Innovators Series: Meet Brad Artery, CEO of Mocingbird

The Healthcare Innovators Series (HCIS) meets with the industry’s leading experts to discuss emerging trends and opportunities in today’s healthcare technology environment. This new series will interview innovators, physicians, executives and stakeholders and will provide unique insights about the future of technology in healthcare, the impact of COVID-19 and more.

In this edition, we meet Brad Artery, CEO of Mocingbird, a cloud-based platform that improves medicine and clinician well-being by eliminating the chaos of ongoing credentialing and delivering high-impact Continuing Medical Education.

Brad discusses the mission of Mocingbird, the technologies he’s most looking forward to this year, the challenges his company faces in the industry and more.

AvoMD: What problem does your company solve for the healthcare industry?

Brad: Mocingbird has automated the detailed requirements for clinicians of all types to stay licensed and practice medicine in all 50 states. Prior to Mocingbird, clinicians had to figure this out on their own as all 50 states are different. Additionally, we are curating Continuing Medical Education (CME) content to meet the unique requirements of each clinician. This allows clinicians to spend more time focusing on what matters most to them. Finally, Mocingbird allows the organizations that employ these clinicians to effectively manage this licensing compliance risk.

AvoMD: What technologies are you most excited about this year?

Brad: In the past, clinicians had to deal with a poor user experience, technologies that don't integrate well, and technologies built for organizations and administration...not patient care. This is unacceptable. Accordingly, I'm excited about two technology objectives:

1. Technologies that automate existing manual activities and integrate with existing systems, thereby saving clinicians' time. Clinicians need and deserve more time to focus on what really matters to them.

2. Technologies that effectively mine data and bring it to the clinician (in a usable format) at the point of care.

What I'm excited about in 2022 is that "it is different this time." Telemedicine has accelerated a wave of new digital health companies that give clinicians alternative employment and practice options. Many companies are effectively innovating, and I believe clinicians will demand this innovation as a must-have, not a nice-to-have.

AvoMD: How has Covid-19 impacted innovation in your company?

Brad: I'm very fortunate to say that Covid-19 has not negatively impacted innovation at Mocingbird, but rather accelerated our purpose. While we had a pause in our healthcare B2B sales, we continued to aggressively invest in and develop our platform. We are highly confident that now is our time to take the market.

AvoMD: What are some of the challenges healthcare-centric companies face with technology adoption?

Brad: As I alluded to earlier, poor technology experiences in the past have created defensive interactions and an overall lack of trust between healthcare organizations and healthcare technology innovators. This combined with healthcare enterprise bureaucracies and poor decision-making frameworks has created an overly burdensome healthcare B2B sales cycle.

AvoMD: What is your favorite blogger, website, resource for health tech content/information?

Brad: While I have a couple of favorite 'channels' (StartUp Health, Medium, Pitchbook), I'm a huge believer in live interactions and a strong personal network. I am a member of a StartUp Health CEO circle, a Medvale Founders Club, a 10X Vets group (of former military officers turned entrepreneurs), I have 10 mentors that I meet with at least quarterly (most monthly), and I love to connect with other potential partner or like-minded CEO's. It is these interactions where I get incredibly diverse, yet often consistent advice and updates on how to grow myself and Mocingbird.

About Brad Artery:

Brad Artery is the CEO for Mocingbird, a healthcare technology company headquartered in Rhode Island. He also currently teaches Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management classes at Providence College. Prior to Mocingbird, Brad was the COO for Launch Franchising, a franchise family entertainment concept, and also spent 10 years at Citizens Bank as Chief Procurement Officer and Head of Operations. Brad earned his BS from the US Naval Academy and his MBA from Boston University.


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