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Announcing the AvoMD 2020 Intern Class!

We are thrilled to have five talented and driven interns join AvoMD this summer.

Jessica Yan Product Management

Jess Yan is a rising senior at Columbia University studying Computer Science and Economics. She’s interned at JP Morgan twice over the summers, building a comparative analysis tool and developing for its internal trading platform. At AvoMD, she is working on product management for the iOS/Android app, the authoring tool, and user analytics. She’s also worked on several data science and analytics projects for Columbia Business School, LionBase LLC, Kobre & Kim LLP, and Columbia Technology Ventures. As part of Columbia’s CS Department, she’s researching new Human-Computer Interaction design principles and is testing methods of discovery from computer science, architecture, and journalism to create technology that benefits the public interest. Her projects focus on creating accessible platforms that are sustainable and effective in disseminating and managing knowledge, especially in education, library networks, and healthcare. She’s co-founded a nonprofit organization, STEMpower Girls, and recently launched a podcast series exploring how founders in NYC build and scale their ventures. At Columbia, she heads media for Almaworks Accelerator and was an executive board member for Columbia Women’s Business Society. Jess also enjoys the arts and has performed as a violinist at Carnegie Hall and in multiple national orchestras.

Julianne Catherine Kim, Marketing

Julianne is a rising junior at Columbia University intending to major in Political Science and Public Health. At AvoMD, she is focused on formulating and executing the company’s marketing and sales strategy. She is passionate about the intersection of media, healthcare, and business, and has previous internship experience in biomedical engineering, marketing/advertising, and design. Most recently, she has worked as a business intern at a global creative agency bolstering their Gen-Z marketing campaigns. At Columbia, she is a lead editor for the Columbia Daily Spectator, works on pro-bono consulting projects with Columbia Undergraduate Consulting Club, and is an active member of Alpha Kappa Psi.

Alex Anthony Cortes-Ose, Development

Alex Anthony Cortes-Ose (Anthony) is a rising junior at Columbia University studying Computer Science with a focus on graphics and human-computer interaction. At AvoMD, he is working on the mobile application and integrating analytics to help improve user experience and provide insights into how customers are using the product. He is passionate about designing and building beautiful user interfaces and experiences and making technology easy to use and understand. He has several years of experience in modern web development - prior to his internship at AvoMD, he worked with One Rockwell, a digital design agency, to design, build, and improve e-commerce storefront websites on the Shopify platform for high-end fashion and lifestyle brands. In his free time he loves to run, and he sings tenor in the New York Latvian Concert Choir.

Stephanie Zhu, Marketing

Stephanie Zhu recently earned a BS degree in Operations Research and a minor in Psychology from Columbia University. She has previous internship experience in healthcare, finance, and consulting and runs her own YouTube channel. At AvoMD, she is working as a part of the marketing and sales team . She is committed to improving the accessibility of healthcare.

Anya Devgan, Marketing

Anya is currently a student at Barnard College where she is studying computer science and economics. This summer, she will take part in AvoMD’s marketing initiatives. She has grown up across the USA, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, but has spent most of her life in Singapore. Since founding Mission Muskaan, a non-profit organization that provides vocational training and rehabilitation to individuals with disabilities, she has been interested in developing solutions to global health issues. Experienced in business analytics, R&D, and marketing, she has worked with companies such as Oaknorth and Brand Innovators Labs. Anya is committed to leveraging technology to create a social impact and inspire innovation within the health-tech industry.


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