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Announcing our collaboration with Nested Knowledge

AvoMD and Nested Knowledge join forces to create a digital clinical care guidelines app-builder.

Nested Knowledge, a company that structures clinical literature, is partnering with AvoMD, an app-driven platform for next-gen clinical guidelines and pathways, to provide structured clinical content for healthcare institutions to create digital clinical care guidelines.

Nested Knowledge structures evidence-based guidelines into a format that can be easily used by healthcare administrators to make local-specific clinical care pathways on the AvoMD Builder. These pathways will be made available on every provider’s phone via the AvoMD mobile app.

“AvoMD’s novel platform and clinician users will drive adoption of Nested Knowledge’s systems of evidence curation,” said Kevin Kallmes, CEO of Nested Knowledge. “Working with AvoMD will allow for a streamlined transition from reviewing literature to constructing actionable guidelines in a novel interface.”

“Nested Knowledge is a leader in curating and structuring evidence-based guidelines,” said Dr. Yair Saperstein, CEO of AvoMD. “This collaboration allows healthcare administrators to instantly access structured and usable clinical content to build pathways that are usable at the point of care, when such content is needed most immediately. We are excited to join forces with Nested Knowledge in developing and delivering this content.”

About Nested Knowledge Nested Knowledge streamlines the gathering and analysis of published clinical literature and outputs evidence in interactive, web-based visuals. Until our product, medical research was completed using scattered, inconsistent, incredibly outdated methods, and then presented in similarly scattered, non-updatable, incomplete PDFs. We are transforming both the process and the output of meta-analysis, meaning that we will be the first "system of record" for published clinical data and the only company with the tools to maintain it.

About AvoMD

AvoMD is a software platform for next-gen clinical guidelines and pathways. AvoMD offers a better way for clinicians to use and learn evidence-based medicine and enables hospitals to distribute and deploy standardized care pathways across its provider base. This next-gen replacement for static and unwieldy guidelines and flowcharts is available via mobile app (iOS and Android) and desktop devices. The PoC App provides clinical information – guidelines, pathways, triaging elements – to providers in highly contextualized and usable formats. AvoMD also offers the avoBuilder, an easy-to-use authorship tool that enables instant pathway customization and deployment. Current AvoMD partners include leading academic medical centers and urgent care providers, while over 40,000 providers have downloaded the free version of the AvoMD app. Recently, AvoMD was accepted into Startup Health and 500 Startups, won the annual pitch competitions at Columbia and Penn Medicine, and received a large investment from Columbia University’s endowment.


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