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Meet AvoMD Plexus:
Pioneering the Future with
Synergetic Clinical AI

Welcome to the forefront of medical innovation with AvoMD Plexus, our groundbreaking AI network embodying the pinnacle of Synergetic Clinical AI. Navigating through the labyrinthine tasks intrinsic to healthcare, Plexus employs a harmonious yet fiercely intelligent dynamic, where each AI subsystem not only specializes but also engages in a vibrant interplay of competition, cooperation, and constructive critique. This synergetic convergence of AI expertise ensures that each clinical decision is sculpted from the zenith of accurate, rigorously vetted, and unimpeachably trustworthy medical information. With AvoMD Plexus, witness the sheer power of Synergetic AI, where collective intelligence not only aggregates but also discerns, critiques, and meticulously refines, crafting outputs that stand as paragons of clinical precision and reliability

The Keystone of Clinical AI

In the realm of healthcare, trustworthiness in Clinical AI doesn’t merely stand as a requisite but becomes the pulsating heart of every critical decision, driving therapeutic pathways and affecting prognoses. The intertwining threads of accuracy and reliability within an AI system aren’t just functionalities – they are uncompromising obligations toward safeguarding human health.

Shortfalls of LLMs in Clinical AI

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Hallucinating LLMs

Explore a situation in which Language Models (LLMs) experienced "hallucinations," fabricating plausible but ultimately baseless and potentially harmful clinical outputs.


Illusion of Confidence

Delve into a scenario where AI, unlike an intern who may express uncertainty when unsure, perpetually projected a veneer of unwavering confidence, even in the realm of incorrect recommendations. This misalignment between confidence and accuracy presents a surreptitious hazard, as the LLM, devoid of a mechanism to express doubt or ambiguity, steers clinicians with unflagging assurance even when traversing potentially perilous clinical paths. Such unbridled confidence, particularly when discordant with the veracity of information, underscores the pressing need for an AI that not only discerns and recommends but also critically evaluates and communicates the reliability of its information.

Why LLM Fails?
"Reasoning Inertia"

Imagine a seasoned navigator, forging ahead through uncharted territories, armed with a myriad of maps from various epochs. Each step taken and each landmark identified invariably shapes their next move, anchoring them deeper into a chosen trajectory, even as whispers of alternative paths linger in the periphery. This metaphor mirrors the concept of "Reasoning Inertia" in Language Models (LLMs) within AI technology.


The intrinsic mechanism of LLMs, which anticipates the 'next word' or 'next piece of information,' unwittingly shackles them to a cascade of predictions firmly rooted in the preceding word or concept. This recursive predilection not only propels them along a predefined path of reasoning but also paradoxically blinds them to divergent, potentially more accurate, informational streams.


Just as cognitive biases may surreptitiously steer human decision-making despite emerging evidence to the contrary, “Reasoning Inertia” within AI can cascade into a sequence of confident yet erroneous outputs – crafting hallucinations and fostering an illusion of assurance even amidst the precariously incorrect.

How to build AI Clinicians can trust

In the quest to overcome the enigmatic challenge of Reasoning Inertia within AI, envisage transitioning from a sole, inflexible researcher to a vibrant, synergistic team of experts. A lone thinker, while profoundly skilled, can be blinkered by individual biases, mirroring AI systems tethered by their initial predictions and subsequent logical pathways. Here, the remedy emerges in the form of a trinity: collaboration, competition, and astute fact-checking. The collaboration enables a rich, multi-perspective analysis of information, erecting safeguards against unilateral biases. Concurrently, competition, acting as a friendly but persistent challenger, continually refines outcomes, ensuring avoidance of complacency and staleness in recommendations. Additionally, a vigilant, autonomously configured fact-checker serves as a final bastion, assuring validity and reliability in the information presented. Together, this triumvirate not only disassembles the barriers erected by Reasoning Inertia but also spearheads a future where AI not merely informs but masterfully steers clinical decisions with unassailable precision and reliability.

What is
Synergetic Clinical AI?

Synergetic Clinical AI embodies a pioneering approach to healthcare technology, where a consortium of over 11 specialized AI units engage in a unique interplay of collaboration, competition, and critique. Each AI, with its own defined expertise - from categorizing clinical questions, sourcing, and vetting information, to crafting and fact-checking responses - collaboratively contributes to the knowledge pool, while also challenging and refining the inputs and outputs of its counterparts.

The innovative architecture not only enhances the reliability of clinical information but also ensures it is delivered in an optimized, accessible, and actionable format for healthcare professionals. This intricate, competitive-cooperative dynamic ensures that the generated insights and decisions are meticulously examined and substantiated, elevating the credibility and precision of clinical decision-support processes.

Meet our team of
Synergetic AI "Units" 

User Intent Analyzer
("Is a question clinically valid?", "Is the user asking about diagnosis or management?")

Confidence Builder
("What is the risk of using AI answering the question?" "Is the question involves tasks AI known to fail?"  )

Knowledge Source Retriever
("What are the most likely source of protocols/guidelines  likely contain the most relevant information?")

Answer Draft Generator

Fact Checker
("Find our discrepancy between guidelines and the initial draft" )

+ 6 more AI units


Harnessing Synergetic AI for Tailored Institutional Knowledge

AvoMD Plexus seamlessly meshes with your hospital's unique knowledge base, delivering meticulously crafted answers to your specific medical queries with the finesse of Synergetic AI. This robust platform navigates through distinct medical challenges, providing not just responses but enriched clinical wisdom that is precisely tailored to your institutional needs and contexts. Ensuring every solution is both globally informed and locally apt, AvoMD Plexus becomes an indispensable pillar in your clinical decision-making process, affirming unwavering reliability and pinpoint accuracy in every interaction.


Effortless Integration with Leading EHR Systems

AvoMD stands out as a synonym for seamless functionality by effortlessly integrating into the heartbeat of your clinical workflow through leading EHR systems, including Epic. This smooth, EHR-proof incorporation ensures that AvoMD is not just a tool but a harmonious extension of your everyday clinical practice, intuitively interacting with familiar platforms to enhance decision-making without disrupting established workflows. 

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