COVID Pathways Initiative

We are offering avoMD 

free of charge 

to any hospital / provider group 

in need of interactive,


COVID pathways.

Doing our part

Through it all, avoMD’s mission has remained the same: improving public health and healthcare delivery via next-gen, provider-friendly technology and content.

That's why we've decided to offer our software, free of charge, to those in need of COVID assistance. Current partners have seen avoMD improve COVID pathway usage by over tenfold. 

Provider organizations can use the avoMD platform to instantly put interactive COVID protocols and algorithms at their clinicians' fingertips.  

Content is easily updated in real-time to keep up with the demands of Delta/future variants. 


How it works

Digitalize your COVID pathways or access off-the-shelf content

Deploy interactive, easy-to-use COVID pathways and algorithms instantly. Create your own content or leverage off-the-shelf content from avoMD's partners.

Access your content from anywhere, at anytime

Providers can access content via the avoMD mobile app (iOS and Android) and the avoMD browser app. Internet connectivity is not needed to use the app. EHR integration is offered as well.

Evaluate your content's effectiveness

avoMD's analytics offer real-time insights into content usage effectiveness. Use this data to help identify clinical and training gaps

avoMD's value-add

Instantly deploy interactive COVID guidance, optimized for point-of-care usage

Update your COVID-related content in real-time to keep up with variant-induced change

Enhance standardization, patient safety, and provider efficiency